Grace Presbyterian Church Mission Statement: Following Jesus, we love, welcome and serve.

Assistive Hearing at Grace

We have been working on the sound at Grace so everyone is able to have a good listening experience. If you need assistive hearing, we have two options for you. Whichever option you choose, we recommend you bring your own headphones.
  1. You can use one of our three listening devices. These devices output sound from the in-house microphones.  These devices require wired headphones or ear buds.
  2. You can listen through the AudioPoint app on your smartphone.  Though this requires a little setup on your part, once it is setup, you will be good to go everytime you walk in the sanctuary. Since it is on your smartphone, you can listen through your wired headphones, or you can bring your bluetooth headphones. This option is able to handle up to 50 users.

Using the audiopoint app on your smartphone

Using the AudioPoint app requires three steps. However, you only need to complete the first two steps on your initial setup. After that, all you have to do is pull up your app and press play. If you have any issues with getting this setup, please don't hesitate to ask someone in the soundbooth.

Step 1: Download the app

Download the Barix AudioPoint app to your smartphone  ANDROID     IPHONE

step 2: connect to the grace wi-fi

When you arrive at church, connect to the Grace Guest wifi network.

Step 3: Use the app

Pull up the AudioPoint app. You will see two stream options: Grace and Grace2. They are the same stream, so you can tap either one of them and then click on the play icon.